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  2. hey dear, be patience and start meditation. It's the first step to get rid of this issue. once try it, if you got results then I will provide you further information
  3. According to me, make goals of your life. if you don't have any goals in life then you are wasting your life and time. Firstly make some goals and it should be largest. Complete your goals and help poor. i think the best happiness is helping poor. do it once, you feel better and amazing. thanks
  4. Hello, everyone, I'm only just learning and understanding about my disorder and need some help/guidance because I'm worried nothing I'm currently doing is helping. A short background: I can only assume my disorder has been inherited somehow because I can't remember any trauma. My disorder only became apparent when I was 11/12 (I'm 20 now) which was when my suicidal idealisation began. Up until last year I just assumed I had depression/anxiety as most people with BPD seem to, but last year I found my way out of my depression; the lights came back on and the world seemed beautiful again. However, that's when I realised that I was still struggling and started looking closer into my symptoms. This was when I was led to my conclusion of BPD and when I read other's experiences I felt like I identified with another person's feelings for the first time. I talked to my school counsellor and after discussing my reasons and history thought my self-diagnosis seemed accurate, however, he was unable to refer me as I was moving back to England shortly. After having housing troubles I decided to take a year of from school to try and deal with these issues without stress hampering my progress. I am still waiting for an appointment with a GP here in England. Unfortunately that means I still have no idea what support is available to me and I am finding it hard to deal with the waiting. My question is what can I do on my own to help myself get better? And can anyone tell me about their experience seeking treatment? I am worried that I will have to wait for months before I am able to receive therapy, but then I will be going back to school before I can make any real progress - that's how I feel at least. Sorry if any of this is unclear, this is my first time posting and I'm not sure what details I need to include.
  5. Hey dear, be careless about your problems and stop thinking about it. Your thoughts make you strong or weak. so it is in your hand, don't reply the negative thoughts of your mind and think positive. Do it once and see the results.
  6. Dear, firstly be patient with him and try to moderate his mind. consult with an expert doctor so that he can get rid of this issue. Thanks
  7. Firstly, be careless about your problems and go on outings with your friends. You will feel fresh and better. Simultaneously, reduce the quantity of medicine and gap with the dosage of medicine.
  8. Nice topic, About three years ago, I was also faced sleepless nights disorder then I started doing meditation. I got results in just a few days. The best way to get rid of this issue is doing meditation and careless about your problems.
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  10. Hello everyone, I thought I would start sharing some poetry again. Can't promise it will be cheery words but I love expressing myself through word and art forms. Here goes.... The Promise Of Spring (Feb 2017) The dark footsteps that follow me today are cold - And the bright rays of sun will not release me either. The deathly grip of light holds fast - As the growing darkness surrounds me. Void of joy - there is no solace in the birdsong. As I walk - is the grass not green? Do the leaves not bud for Spring? All I see are the withered branches of winter - The fallen trees of the gale. There is a birch whose leaves cling to it's body; Dead they have clung on all winter - They refuse to pass from this realm to the next. How eerie the sound, reminding me that death is ever present. As loud to me as a ringing bell; All shiny and prompt - heralding in a new era. But please spare me the joy of Spring - I see the crocus leaves, the daffodil leaves. They spring forth merrily from the ground - as if to torment me! Such joy I will not feel For today I find that hope is lost. And the promise of hope a masquerade. For surely it will bloom for only a sort while; Before returning to wait again - in the slumber of the earth.
  11. The forum went through a bad upgrade several years back that wiped out the safety and support that many of us had come to rely on. It has never recovered from that. There are still some oldies that pop in but mostly it is an online quiet board. It is too bad because with mh issues we are always looking for a safe steady place to land and so many need the immediate response that an active forum provides. Good to see you both and I hope you are doing better?
  12. Welcome to the site, it is pretty quiet around here, but I try and stop by on the weekend. 38, well they say symptoms mellow with age and learning to coping strategies.
  13. Hi Is any meet ups group for BPDs in London. I have Bpd and would like to meet same people like me
  14. hi everyone I just wanted to say hello.New here today. I'm female. 38 and i have BPD. Nice to be here.
  15. hi im new here but been through the mill a bit. who is the assessment for ie benefits,for mental health services?????,
  16. hi ive suffered mh problems all my life and its always caused 2010 i had to do treatment for hepatitis c which took almost a year and they did warn me mental health problems could be 2015 i was diagnosed bpd emotionally unstable. multiple suicide attempts,self harm,drug use,ect. sectioned 3 times. screwed up life. they added narcissistic,psychopathic and seems like any lable they had spare. get psychosis but tends to be transient .delusional is common but not so much last year. im told that if personality swings it goes into the extreme range. my only friend ive got left put it simply. ur fucking dangerous when u trip out. maybe thats why ive got a police gps location tag and a court at the fucked end of this horrible condition
  17. Hey Gary I’ve been gone from here a few years too and am curious if it’s still similar. People were very supportive before and it was nice to have people who could relate to issues I deal with. What kind of dogs do you have? Pets can be such a comfort. I have a Great Dane. -Sara
  18. Hi everyone, it’s been a longtime since I was last on here about 5years. Not a lot has changed I have become more introvert I stay in most of the time still except when I have to force myself to walk my dogs at silly o clock. just wondering if many people are still here for a chat ? Gary.
  19. Hi I wanted to know what would happen if I didn't attend a mental health assessment?
  20. Morning everyone, my experience of living with a daughter with BPD has shaped and ruled our whole life for the last 15 odd years, she is 28 years old and had at least 7 lives already, her fall outs with people, drug taking from 13 years, self harm, shop lifting arrests, fights, destructive telationships, a bad car accident at 16, several car’s written of, debt after debt, and rehab stays, suicide attempts and two children aged 2 and 7 - the 7 year old has Autusm and they both now live with us and have regular contact with her, because she can’t deal with them! I could go and on for hours, after a terrible Xmas involving more drama, during which she told me how I have been a terrible mother and she never really felt loved ( she was my princess and was totally adored) I did nothing but cry. ( we took her and her brother round the world and tried to make them feel loved and secure) insult after insult I have finally reached my limit, I can no longer go on supporting her because she is destroying me, my husband and I are looking after two very hyper little boys that are bouncing of the ceiling and driving us to the brink with no empathy or sympathy from there mum, in my daughters world it is all about her, about her pain and her loss, we have no right to feel any of those things because she is the centre of the universe. She hates me and tells my grandson I am the mad one etc, I actually agree - she has made me feel at times total insane, questioning my actions time and again, I gave up a business, a job in mental health and more recently another business to support first her and now the boys. The only reason I can safely say I’m ok is because of the remarkable support of my family and friends. I feel reading about BPD that I am failing her by walking away but when do we say ‘enough now’ other people need my time and my attention not to mention I need my life back, my husband needs his wife, etc, I could support her and put her first until the day I die and she would still stand at my grave and say I didn’t care! I have nothing left to give, I have tried my absolute best to give her what she needs and yet I still feel like a failure. Is it ok for patents or carers to walk away? Please tell me?
  21. Hi all. So to start I'm 21 and was diagnosed with BPD 3 years ago during being sectioned for 2 months. I was put on fluoxetine 60mg and quetiapine (can't remember the dose), I was on these until just before I turned 20 when after a 5 stone weight gain and I felt like I could be off them. I just stopped taking them and attending any appointments. So as the months went on I was slowly falling back into a hole and now I'm completely stuck. Everyday I want to kill myself, cut myself to shreds, I get so angry, I don't want to do anything, I have a pile of uni work mounting up, my flat is a mess, I can't bare being outside, I'm hardly showering and I'm ruining my relationship with my paranoid thinking, causing arguments every other day and getting angry at her. I'm sick of messing everything up in my life, I've lost past relationships due to my anger and paranoia and cheating, I went to college 3 times after leaving school and never completed it. Finally completed an access course in the summer and got a place at uni and that's slowly going down the pan after only 4 months. What I want to be and what I am are so far apart. How do I get help again, what do I do because I am so close to just ending it all, I can't bare to be who I am any longer.
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  24. Hello everyone, I am new here. Listening, and learning from others to move forward from a person who is the mother to my child that has BP.
  25. hi brokenmanalan and welcome sorry this site is really very quiet these days regarding sleep - if you are going to sleep at 8pm and not waking until 4/5 then you are having 8 hours sleep which is more than I ever get if you could go to bed a little later (you would have to take zopiclone later of course) then you would probably wake later but to be honest I don't think you need more sleep also if you suffer from depression then that can also cause lots of fatigue which sleep wont really cure if you could nudge your sleep a little later it might fit the day better but the more you worry about sleep the worse it will get 8 hours is plenty and more than many people ever get try not to worry and talk to your gp/mh team about the 'whole' picture hope that helps - a little
  26. Hi, no one gets me either so I am with you. I have learned to live a lie. Tell everyone you're completely fixed now so that everyone else can get on with their lives - thank god they can - hey who gives a shit about you? IT at least makes them all believe you're normal.. As for you, see my other post - no one talks about my attempted suicide - it clearly never happened in the normal world. Just seems there is no space in this world for anything that doesn't fit in - we have to make space for it before it becomes too painful for all of us weirdos. x
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