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Mental Health World forums are owned by Joshua Cole.

Our commitment to you:
• We will do our utmost to keep the forums safe, secure and free from harm.
• We will respect you, and be open and honest at all times.
• We will involve you in decisions where possible.
• We will be mindful that allowing people to get close enough to help you can also allow them to get close enough to be abusive. This can sometimes cause you to panic and try to escape. We understand this and will work with you in an honest and open way.
• We will give you the greatest freedom possible and will give clear explanations if any restrictions are enforced.
• We accept that you may not have caused your problems but have been left with the burden of finding a way to solve them.

Your commitment to us:
• You will try to be honest with other community members and yourself.
• You will work with the group to reduce self-harm behaviour.
• You will be respectful of other community members and their views at all times.
• You will be mindful that all community members need to learn how to understand you and respond best. Also that sometimes they may get it wrong. You must be prepared for this, and talk about it.
• Mini Mods are members who have the ability to invisible posts, such as spam, and posts that break the terms of the site. If a Mini Mod misuses these powers under any circumstances, they may, without warning, be made back into a regular member.
You must read: How the forums work

All members must adhere to the following guidelines whilst on our site. These guidelines are common courtesy and self-explanatory: to eliminate confusion they are outlined below. The guidelines apply to all communication on the site, including chat, profile comments, personal messages, blogs and gallery. We reserve the right to suspend any account that deliberately or constantly ignores or breaks the guidelines with or without notice in order to protect the interests of our community.

1. This is a peer support site for helping with mental health disorders; it is not a place for debating or preaching any religious or political views that you may have. If you wish to do so, there are other sites more appropriate with dedicated issues that would be more beneficial.

2. All members are to respect each other and members of the team regardless of their personal beliefs, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or lifestyle. We expect all members to treat others with the same care and consideration that they themselves would want from others. Threats of violence; bullying; prejudiced, judgemental/offensive, retaliating or preaching remarks will not be tolerated and will be subject to further action.

3. No personal disagreement should be brought into this community. If you have a disagreement with another member or a member of the team this should be sorted out in private. Posting private arguments/issues may result in moderation action being taken. If you would like help with an issue, or would like to discuss things, you can submit a support ticket.

4. Please try and post in the appropriate forum. Any posts that are made outside of an appropriate forum may be moved without warning. You should not post the same topic repeatedly; duplicate topics/posts will be removed.

5. Try and stay 'On Topic'; if something comes up within a topic that you would like to discuss, please start a new thread.

6. Do not post any personal information that you are not happy for the whole World Wide Web to know. Posts will not be removed at users' request, unless there is a valid reason. If you would like anything removed, you should submit a support ticket stating the reasons why. Accounts will not be deleted.

7. Do not post any personal information about others, either members or someone not on the site. This includes information that you have learnt from personal messaging or any other forms of communication on or off the site. Information from this site should not be posted on other sites. Disclosing others' personal information may result in moderator action.

8. No advertising of any product or site is allowed without prior permission from the owner. Regular members are allowed to post links to their own websites to gain feedback, or their face book/MySpace accounts etc

9. We do not allow research of any kind on the forums: any posts that ask for members' participation in research will be removed immediately and moderation action may be taken.

10. Goodbye posts will be closed as soon as posted. No member of the community should reply to these and as soon as a member of the staff team becomes aware of such a post, it shall be closed.

11. All content submitted to this server may be viewed to ensure that the guidelines are being followed and to ensure the wellbeing of the community any content that is deemed against the guidelines or not in the best interests of the community may be removed without notice. In joining these forums, you agree that you are granting a license to Joshua Cole, adapt or include any views or materials you post. This license is granted for as long as Joshua Cole requires it.

12. Members are only allowed one user account. This should not be shared or accessed by any other person. Any member who joins up with more than one user account may face moderator action. Repetitive rejoining or rejoining to try and get past a ban or suspension may result in the services of the site being withdrawn completely.

13. Due to the nature of these forums, we have a minimum age for membership of 16. If you are below this age, please do not continue with registration. If you submit a support ticket, we would be happy to advise of more suitable forums.

14. If you should be feeling suicidal or having thoughts of self harm. You may discuss these thoughts on the forums and with other community members, but please be respectful of their feelings. It may be hard for others to hear about how you are feeling. It's strictly NOT permitted to talk about current self harm or suicide.


  • Do everything you can to deal with the thoughts you're having. Call a help line.
  • Use you coping skills, watching TV, ice, walks, baths.
  • Call your crisis team or CMHT.
  • Send a message to a staff member on the forums.

15. Due to the nature of the forums and the number of 'trolls' that are on the internet, we may restrict any members accounts at any time if we suspect they are not using the forums or any of its features for the sole purpose of giving and/or receiving support. This may be at the time of registration or at any other time as deemed necessary. Any member who has restrictions applied to them may regain full member status by paying a refundable £1 through a Verified paypal account. If you find your account restricted, please submit a ticket.

16. Private messages are monitored to ensure the terms of use are being complied with. This also applies to chat transcripts.

17. We believe the blogs are a great way to keep a log of how you are feeling on a regular basis and to enable you to look back at the journey you have been on. We want you to be able to express yourself as freely as possible, therefore the blogs are exempt from the general rules of the site, but any posts made in your blog that would normally break the general terms of this site must be set to 'draft' so that other members are unable to see it. Any entries made that are not set to draft but would otherwise break the terms of the site may have moderation action taken against them.

18. Being a sponsor/peer supporter/mini mod does not exclude you from these rules. No refunds will be given to subscription members if they are suspended or banned from the forums due to their own actions.

Status updates - shall not be used for the purposes of saying goodbye or expressing wishes to self harm or commit suicide. It shouldalso not be used for personal issues with other members.

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