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    Fed up with my life

    Hello Matt I know this may not be helpful but I really don't know what to suggest,I can't imagine how frustrated and how trapped you must feel. But I read through it and I really sympathise with your situation,your mum sounds like a very complicated individual. Also I don't really know much about Autism other than the general information I've been given...could you tell me more about how it affects you? I hope you feel better Mandy
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    Saharah Blue

    BPD in relationships

    I don't know what his personality is like, but there could be a number of reasons like, have you let him know what he is suppose to say or do? It could be they are just a bit overtired that day, it could be he may feel like he is encouraging you to behave in a needy or dependent way and does not want to facilitate. Sometime asking too frequently leaves the other partner feeling like they are not saying the right thing and getting it all wrong otherwise why would you be asking again? Being BPD in a relationship is tricky, easy to get lost in navigating your own head and forget that your words and actions, including coping skills or lack of, really impact others on a personal level around you. Be kind to him and yourself, be patience with him and yourself. All relationships benefit from it.