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    Hi Everyone, I came across this website and forum by chance and thought I would join as in another couple of forums already and I guess it doesn't do any harm to join another one. I care for my husband who has Mixed Personality Disorder, is emotionally unstable and has OCD. He was diagnosed about a year and a half ago, but doesn't want any support from CMHT. I have my own health issues as I have Spina Bifida so in turn, my husband cares for me also. My husband struggles a lot with controlling his emotions and rage and has lots of social phobias also which means he doesn't leave the house. He is very lonely too as his relatives don't bother with him and he doesn't have any friends. So has just got me and our cat for company. Life can be quite rocky at times as he battles with his emotions, but I try to support my husband as best I can. Just looking to speak to other carers of loved ones with mental health issues, especially ones with Personality Disorders, for support/advice/general chat. Thanks for letting me join and for reading.
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    Lesley dye

    App on Google play

    Please to all you suffers out there don't look at borderline personality disorder app by creative Live apps it's dreadful it paints suffers as being a big problem to everyone it just further stigmitises the condition to people who don't understand I have contacted the cco of Google to try to get it removed I'd hate it to cause serious harm if you read it from a concerned sufferer
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