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Dissociated Fear


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we wrote this not long before we left him

it is how we so often felt at night

dissociated fear

that crawls through us

comes bowling out of nowhere

knocking us off our feet

historic fear

current within us

utter crippling terror

stifles our air

as we freeze and wait

your lies

your accusations

your loathing of our failed self

we are bad



oh yes yes yes

of course we are

we are nothing but an object

a toy to your innocence

a puppet that you play with

will then deny even getting out of the box

dear God how can a toy feel so wrenched and tortured

so full of self-loathing

why would a toy want to self-destruct so passionately

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Thank you for sharing, Walker. And thank you also for trying to make a helpful thread, I know you're having technical issues as things don't want to paste and such. Don't know what to suggest to try to solve it.

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A thank you for sharing is hardly appropriate.................abuse of Women is not a subject I am happy with.........I watched my Father abuse my mother physically  at the age of FIVE, before he went on to abuse his Children as and when he was out of Prison........these ARSEHOLES  need a CLEAR DETERRENT.........not some Community Service Bullshit..............but of course, whilst Ministers and those in POWER continue to abuse their partners..............NOTHING will ever change!!

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