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New to this ... about me I suppose.

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I was diagnosed about 6 months ago with ADHD and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. I have done so much reading up on both of these issues but still feel that there is more to it. I have so many different traits and can relate to other symptoms to many different mental health conditions. One of these which stands out far more than any other and that's Bipolar. 

Even at the age of 2 I was always so different from all my other Brother's and Sisters and I come from a HUGE family. Even at the age of 2 my parents had to call the Police because I had 'gone missing' ... turned out I just wanted to go to my Auntie's for a cup of tea! In Primary School my Mum would have to have meetings with the Head Teacher due to my 'bad behaviour' of fighting with other children and throwing chairs at Teachers with the added verbal abuse. A school psychiatrist would take me out of lessons, play games with me and ask me questions. I can remember being given a black book to 'write down my thoughts and feelings' ... at this point I was around the age of 7.

This continued into Secondary school, Social Services were sent out to my home and again to my school. I was referred to the Doctor's which was an outcome of anger management and learning breathing techniques and strategies to control my temper. I was always classed as the 'naughty one'. This wasn't the case. I never knew how I actually felt or what I thought at the time I would just act on impulses. Alot of the time I acted out, for attention. Towards the end of Secondary school I calmed down alot. I got good results in my GCSE's. I know I can achieve things when I actually put the time and effort into things but again, patience and I did not mix well. I argued with my parents all the time, I caused so much disruption at home to the point my Mum kicked me out and even had the Police come out due to me kicking down her front door threatening to key the car! This all resulted in me being arrested due to my swearing at the Police officer after being told enough times to stop my language. 

I'm now 24 with 3 children. 2 girls, 5 and nearly 4 and a boy, 18 months. I have been with my partner for 8 years now and how I have managed this I do not know! It's fair to say we have been through our ups and downs. Breakups, Social Services involvement, Police, Family Support Workers .... the list is endless. 

My main issues I can only list them to make it seem easier to understand ... 

- Impatient 

- Fixations of partners ex-girlfriends

- Lack of organisation, no order to my life or household

- Impulsive about money, spend money when I know we can't afford to, take out payday loans and phone contracts with no intention of paying them back

- Being unable to control temper which has resulted in me being violent to my partner

- Can't accept criticism

- Lack of guilt and learning from my mistakes

- Behave irresponsibly and show disregard for normal social behaviour

- Blaming other people for the mistakes I make

- Mood swings

I just feel that although I have a Diagnosis I feel there is more to it. I feel like I fit in different categories, I'm not one set thing. If that makes sense?  

I mentioned earlier I have calmed down ... this Thursday I am due to be evicted from my home which I am going to court about tomorrow morning. This isn't the first time, this is the 6th time in 12 months! Surely this isn't normal?! Such a big issue for me and that is my money management ... I have none! I don't know what replies I will recieve if any but would be nice to hear from other people in the same boat. Thanks for reading :) 




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Hello, welcome to the forum. 

Thank you for sharing your life story. Oh I'm jealous that you have managed that relationship and have children and all of it. I hear you, that it has also been hard, but still... well done! I love it when people manage relationships. That would be my dream come true but my abandonment is far too great for me to enjoy a relationship. 

I hope that you find the forum helpful.


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Hi and welcome!

I'm fairly new too! Thank you for sharing your story with us too, it's great that you're being so open!

I really empathise with the inability to take criticism... I can't hear a negative word about me without breaking down in tears and becoming highly agitated, usually lead to s/h for me. It's a total nightmare if you're trying to hold down a job, appraisals generally don't go well!

I hope you find the forums useful! I'm always here if you ever want to talk!

All the best


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