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Who Do I Love? (Creative)

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I love you. To who is this? I don't quite know. I know I love a girl, and that she is the one. But to this day I have not seen her face, or was she the one that is gone? These three words now live in me and echo through my body filling me this amazing feeling and now I am all void. I love you, but to who is this. To many, to none, to the one, but is she gone? I know I love you. But who are you. Are you a face that to me is unknown, are you the body that has yet to face my embrace? Or are you the one that not nine months have gone that in the Winter Wonderland these three words echoed along with the wind, and the cold, and the snow on top of the steps to that Holy House that stands empty and barren of all that there is? I love you, but are you my future or past that has just gone by without any answer, and no chance for a plea that ran to me, embraced me and whispered three words that I said to thee. Under the sky on that cold day, on the steps of the barren Holy House made of concrete? I am the Devil under a guise, and you are an Angel under my dark shadow, now gone gone, gone now forever. I love you, but still I don't know. Are you that one that ran to me without confession of love, that embraced me when love was not ours and are you the one that loved without end, only to have the Devil cover you in shadow. Love in shadow, a wretched horrid thing. I love you, now tell me. Who do I love, my future or past? 

I quoted this from a document I created. Copy/Paste does not seem to work. Felt like writing this, at the time I just felt like saying "I love you"..

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