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Studies have shown Cats and dogs are capable of suffering from many of the same mental health issues humans have, it has been shown that they get stressed and can suffer from PTSD I think this possibly extends to BPD as well.

very interesting considering their lives are very different from ours yet they can suffer from the same conditions that we can mentally.


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Heehee!  The unstable relationships one made me fall apart laughing because it's exactly what Ritchie does to me - covering my mouth like that when I'm chatting too much.  Okay, Ricthie is my fluffy tiger, but even when I showed that to my partner/carer, and asked him who it reminded him of, he fell apart laughing to and picked up my tiger to show him your cartoon.  Ritchie is blushing now, heehee!  :)

Love it!  Please draw more!  :) 

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