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'so I guess it took time and half of my adult life...to finally smile and put down that knife.

its so hard to see when so consumed with fear.... But now I know its worth every single tear.

reading my past posts was like being a ghost...it couldn't have been me hurting the most.

so many sweet memories and so many so dark...

this place had me in pieces but it also won my heart.

I remember the banter,I remember the fights...

I remember feeling comforted on some of my loneliest nights.

reading them all like a diary of my past...

realising how much I've changed,how its all gone so fast.

maybe a little sadness and a touch of regret...

but definitely a person ill never forget.

now I'm so happy,in love and living with a full heart..

but ill never forget who was there from the start'

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