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Mood and stuff.

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Hi everyone,


I don't know where to start. Since Christmas I noticed I have been having hallucinations and as my partner calls it delusions again. I relapsed in October and my psych put me on haloperidol three times a day. I asked not to change my antidepressant for my depression at the time. Anyway things were going great till I was admitted to hospital Christmas eve for physical illness and whilst in hospital I started hallucinating again but would go only happen when I was on my own but since Christmas it slowly getting worst. I been hallucinating and having delusions all day and night. I kept it a secret from my husband till today when things to bas and he said he noticed I been different and that why he kept asking if I was okay all the time. He said he noticed my mood been very hyper and and overly happy. I not nice noticed it till we sat down and had a chat and he said I been making unrealistic plans and been so hyper and I am lucky to get 2 hours of sleep a night. He said I been hyper for weeks and then in the last days I have become snappy and down. 


I told.my partner what I am being told for example the government is after me and my angel is Warning me with a lit match telling me the government and neighbours are going to set the house on fire and other things and my partner is trying to remind me it's not real but I am so confused and mixed up and it'd so real in my head. 


So my problems are my hyper mood and then suddenly dropping to depressed mood and my hallucinations and delusions. 


I cancelled two appointments with my CPN (she made anotner one for tjw 13th march) cos I keep getting told there in on it all and so my partner gonna ring my CPN and tell her what's going on now he knows what's going on. I don't have any diagnosis and I was wondering if anyone goes through similar and what they been diagnosed with so I can ask my CPN to ask my psychiatrist and if there and medication you recommend that I can ask her too. 


Thanks in advance.


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