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Not been here for a long time.

Had an intense friendship with a girl who ended up breaking me completely. She made me believe she loved me and cherished me. My confidence was growing and I was so happy.


Then she abandoned me completely, in the middle of a BPD flare.

No explanation. No apologies. Just nothing.

It has left me a total wreck. Destroyed.

I miss her.

I hate her.

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First of all, you have to accept the fact that might never come back to be your friend again. Feeling abandoned and destroyed hurts only you. It’s like drinking a poison wanting to hurt someone else. It doesn’t serve you in any way.

 Accept that you might have felt good having a close friend, but she might not have felt the same.  She had the right to end this if she thought that this friendship is not for her what she was expecting it to be and that’s fine. There are enough people in the world to find someone who resonates with you and be your close friend. Loving you exactly how you truly are. There is a lot that you have to offer in a friendship, there is no doubt, but you need someone who can see these values.

 She left without saying anything because it is hard to say hurting things straight to someone face. She probably didn’t want to see your reaction.

You should learn how you can be just by yourself. Focus on the things that can do well to you. The right person will come along in the right time. You like helping people, but it’s time you should help the person you see every day in the mirror. She deserves it!

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Thanks for the input youaregood. I think maybe i gave the wrong impression. I am in a very stable, very happy 24 year marriage, so I'm not on my own and desperate for a bff. She was the one who sought me out and became very clingy very quickly. I had a bad feeling about her from the start but chose to ignore that and give her a chance. We became very co-dependent over a short space of time and were BOTH becoming reliant on each other.


Anyway. Thanks again.

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