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Over the past year, I have made several important discoveries about myself.

I've always felt like the black sheep whether it's been within my family or society as a whole. I've been described as unfriendly, antisocial, difficult, unwilling to participate, weirdo, so many negative labels. And I'd begun to believe it.


But NO. As a result of searching, researching and seeking answers, I've found out that I am


1. A pagan

2. An introvert 

3. An empath

4. My soul is an artisan

These things may sound strange. Even bizarre. But believe me, they have set me onto the right path for me. I am more self assured and sometimes, i even manage to attain a small scrap of inner peace.


Self discovery is a tough journey. Please try not to let others influence you so that you abandon paths you feel are right for YOU.



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I like that you are able to find things aspects you connect strongly with, within yourself. I recall a period where my self image was so unstable, I truly did not see anything when I looked in the mirror. Self discovery is both exciting and healing, it can be a really joyful process. Thank you for sharing your list, I am an introvert as well.

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