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BPD zine submissions

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Hey creative people,

We are looking for thoughts on the highly stigmatised and misunderstood diagnosis Borderline Personality Disorder (aka Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder). Designer and writers with named diagnosis, we’re looking to put together a zine/book of visuals and texts, stories, doctors notes, images, quotes, drawings and thoughts, objects of importance a scattered picture that paints a more honest and personal image and insider’s perspective of the disorder than which we are usually presented with. Whatever you feel is relevant

Examples of topics which are particularly relevant to this project are:

+ Facing discrimination/hate and dealing with stigma 

+ Treatment from doctors and medical establishment

+ Living with and coping with the symptoms Borderline 

+ Medication

+ Recovery

  • Understanding and coming to terms with the diagnosis
  • Intersections of several disabilities and/or identities

+ Perception of the self and understanding identity

+ The gendered aspect of the diagnosis

+ Gender feels and dysphoria 

+ Hysteria and vilifying female mental illness

+ Representations of BDP in movies, media etc.

+ Positive aspects of the diagnosis

+ Understanding and dealing with trauma

+ Accusations of manipulation, emotional blackmailing, impulsivity etc. 


But of course, please feel l free to submit other things not covered here. 

To take part and share your story, work or ideas, email frank@studiofaux.co.uk - you can be completely anonymous but it’s not a requirement. 


love and solidarity xx







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