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please people i need your advice , thoughts about this problem

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Hi everyone i hope you're doing well , can someone please help me.

i've always been happy my entire life , untill when i had a panick attack about almost 3 years ago , after that i got anxious and little depressed because they were new feelings for me , happily , i did found my way since many many months ago , i faced and solved my problems , understood how to beat the anxiety trick (total life changment and re-gained my old happy confidednt self)

The problem now is that we moved to a new house (me and my family) and it happened to be in the time where i was still traumatized and stuck in anxiety and bad feelings.The first 2 months that i lived in this NEW house , i was still in the worst part of my life . I ASSOCIATED bad feelings with this house . 
Just like a perfume that reminds someone of a bad breakup with a partner and he wants to get rid of it , same thing for me with this home.
Even if had also many good moments , but THAT bad BEGINNING , i just couldnt forget it ,so i never accepted staying in this house.
I explained to my parents this but they didnt accept to move from this house.

Im feeling low because its been a long time that i have decided not do any new major event or actions in my life untill i move out of this house

=> and i think this way because i'm afraid and dont want to remember that the BEGINING of a NEW major event of my life took place in this house , and if i were to remember it in the future i would feel very bad 

if it happened in our old house i would totaly accept it and that's because it would have happened in the middle , not at the BEGINNING of living in the house , just like life , sometimes we fall down in life and we continue.All of that makes sense to me , my problem is because it happened at THE BEGINNING 

This may seem stupid for you but it is very important and it effects me alot

i only need a different way of thinking that would make sense to me

Can someone help me what to do or How to think diferently about this beginning obsession ,anyway to view this thing differently ?

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Hi gaingame6,

You were traumatised, stuck in anxiety and had bad feelings BEFORE you moved into the house, so the house isn't responsible for these feelings. Remember, you yourself say that you've associated one with the other, but are they ACTUALLY associated? Personally, I believe that we have a lot of free will, and I reckon that if you think that you've associated anxiety and bad feelings with the house, you can break that association as well.

Just because you had bad feelings while you moved in, doesn't mean that one necessarily caused the other. They simply may have happened at the same time without any relationship whatsoever. I think the reason you've associated them together is because, since they happened at the same time, one must have caused the other. The reality is that this simply isn't true, and it's likely that you've come to this conclusion in search for an answer, rather than actually finding the cause of these issues.

Hope this helps x

Much love <3

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