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I'm going to be having flying lessons I've always wanted for my birthday!

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It's been my dream since I was 16 or 17 to get flying lessons so that I can pilot my own aircraft. I cannot drive because of a peripheral vision defect, and the fact that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the discontinuation of new cars. They don't make new cars anymore...(MOST or almost all car companies have, anyway) I don't know why exactly, but surviving cars will soon run out so even if I managed to find a relic car and got a licence, I'd be kicked off the road in a few years anyway, when they make the road for drones (which some people may mistake for cars due to their similar appearance) only. 


(That's bad. I cannot see my brother learning how to fly, looks like by 2020 most people will be walking...) 


Meanwhile, they still make new planes with no warning of discontinuation, unlike cars. I aim to take paragliding lessons, and once I am comfortable with that I am going to buy myself a paramotor kit. I'm lucky because a huge open field is just a few minutes walk away.. and I am not afraid of heights! A new medication has really helped my mood and make me feel like going out and doing exciting things, and enjoying those things, nonetheless!! But why stop at personal commute via paramotor? I aim in the future to legit get a pilot's licence and a plane, since a lot of single or two seater planes are quite affordable for me! Though I'm a little nervous. 


There's a flying school for paragliding and paramotoring some 60 miles away, which isn't too bad and it's an all-day session. Not that expensive either! I'm just hoping the weather turns out okay on the day, so it might be around my birthday and not actually on the day. 

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