What is the meaning of life? In your opinion?

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Hi mariebray,

You aren't just a statistic. A statistic doesn't have a future, it simply tells the present. A statistic does not feel, empathise, dream, or anything like that at all. It doesn't know how to love, how to rejoice and to cry. A statistic doesn't make a friend happy every time they are ready to spend time with them. You aren't just a statistic, but you must seek your purpose in life. That way, you are driven to accomplish your goals and tasks. 


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The meaning of life is to live love and learn, but I am suicidal, however, I am trapped as I believe in reincarnation and the hindu idea of suicide, in that if you top yourself, you are born into a life with bigger problems.

Im a drug addict, who can sing, draw and a good confidante, but I wasted my life on drugs, drink and carelessness. Im 51 so have got quite a way to go yet, and 47mg of valium to get off.

I also have a flat that I cannot sell due to a myriad of problems put on ere before, and I am scared phobic of people, especially angry people, its known as emotophobia.

My shirink said i was infantilised, and i think that is why i never fulfilled my potential. I found all the right wisdom books too late in life, I think im gonna end up homeless, which will be no fun when withdrawing off benzos and bankrupt with creditors chasing you asyou cannot afford to go bankrupt and I panic at the thought of crawlilng back to family whos behaviour fed my cptsd and bpd.

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