Rude care-co-ordinators-a common thing?

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How many of us here have rude care co-ordinators.

I rang up in distress today saying I couldnt cope. I'm relatively newly diagnosed borderline, even though ive been on this borderline forum 8yrs, with CPTSD and addiction issues, plus general lack of commmon sense with some unofficial autistic traits thrown in.

Anway, the last two cpns, current one and last one were both offhand, and those two are not, by far, the only two rude sounding ones i have come across.

If I was a cpn, i would understand the need to be firm but fair, however, i would be gentle in my manner and never make my patient feel as if they cannot come to me to talk. Surely being a good cpn involves being a good listener?

Is it the funding cuts?

Did all the cpn's who cared about their patients leave due to frustration at not being able to affford to offer the help the patients needed?

Were all the sadistic sounding ones left. I'm addicted to valium again and none of them understand how painful this and z drugs are to come off. This urse is half my age and talks to me like im a piec of shit saying "I've got lots of other patients to deal with" in a snotty voice, instead of saying "sorry, SW, I cant promise what time i will ring, it depends on my workload" in a calm voice.

I feel like complaining about her but i dont know who to, but if enough patients complain about her, maybe she will get the message she isn't popular and needs to sort her attitude out.

Can anyone else share their experiences with snotty care coords with bad attitude and rude tones of voice?

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