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 I have got a house from the council and I am now in it but surrounded by bloody boxes everywhere I got some stuff for my guinea pigs and guess what came in more bloody boxes 

 All of the important stuff has been unpacked and there is just sort of little bits here and there but need on packing but I will the rooms are set up so I can use them no problem so I'm not too fast about unpacking the boxes I'm not going to use the way I see is this if I don't your stuff in the next four weeks stuff in the box says it's going to be thrown out 

 Sorry for the mistakes in my post my Apple's dictation is being absolutely shit 

 It gets worse with every update to the operating system 

 Are used to be really good but now it's a load of crap 

 My living room is 15 foot long by 9 1/2 foot wide my bedroom is 12 foot long by 9 foot wide I don't know what the measurements for the bathroom and kitchen all but those are the main rooms 

 So there is plenty of space for me my guinea pigs and all my instruments somehow I managed to fill a box up entirely with different flutes  fuck sake

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 Still haven't unpacked the bloody boxes but I am seeing someone on Tuesday so I will hear something more about the flooring situation because right now there is nothing on the floor apart from concrete which I don't mind because it's quite easy to keep clean like this so I'm going to top it with lino because that's going to be easy to keep clean rather than a carpet purely because of all the guinea pig cage that goes every fucking where 

 Correction  Hay

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