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Post: #1Is this person trolling or does he have a mental illness?

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He says he is chased by red eyed anthropomorphic dogs, a man died of mould poisoning when no mould was found in his home, he travels through time, people in his town commit suicide en masse, he has seen spontaneously combusted deer, and compares his town to the town in Stephen King'sIT.

He seems pretty adamant on saying it is not fiction and replies to all of the comments people are sending him. I can also find no news reports of any of the things he has reported. He says the stuff wouldn't be interesting enough to report in the news.

(Such as a 60 year old man dying of mould poisoning when no mould was there? Spontaneously combusting deer, mass suicides, time travel, and anthropomorphic dogs?)

I probably seem daft, but is this just trolling or does this person seem to have a genuine mental illness of some kind? I don't know why but these people get me really curious. I also notice they tend to make their stories overly detailed every single time, and the stories often involve mythical creatures. In this case, it's anthropomorphic dogs with glowing red eyes that he says chase him at night.

I'm not certain on his age but he says this stuff happened when he was 9 to 13 and I think he said somewhere he is 19 now. What's weirder is, all of his older posts seem normal and sane.

He also replied to one of my posts asking this question still insisting it's true but backed off when I began questioning him. You can see that thread here:

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