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I have eubpd , dysthemia , this is the kind of stuff I write

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I stay in my room a lot  
Daydreaming about what I haven't got  
Creating my own little private world  
Because I am lonely and my emotions shot  

I stay in my bed way too much  
I yearn for a cuddle just a touch  
But I won't let anyone near me  
My loneliness make me happily unhappy  

I find my mind wandering  
To places  that don't exist  
People and things  
To take my mind off my scarred wrists  
I am so lonely so sad so mad  
Just wish I could find the courage  
To ask for help  
But part of me dosent want it  
That's the problem isn't it  
With people like me  
We isolate ourselves  
And in that isolation  
We create an alternate world  
That we then want to stay in  
And the real world gets further away  

I stayed in my room again today


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