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Struggling with sleeping


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Since I was a very young child, I've had trouble getting to sleep. 

My doctor has prescribed me Zopiclone 7.5mg to help me sleep and I take Diazepam 10mg with it.

So far I'm falling asleep around 8pm then waking up at 4ish close to 5am and can't seem to go back to sleep and throughout the day I'll be feeling exhausted and weak.

Any suggestions on how to make myself more sleepy?

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hi brokenmanalan and welcome

sorry this site is really very quiet these days

regarding sleep - if you are going to sleep at 8pm and not waking until 4/5 then you are having 8 hours sleep which is more than I ever get

if you could go to bed a little later (you would have to take zopiclone later of course) then you would probably wake later

but to be honest I don't think you need more sleep

also if you suffer from depression then that can also cause lots of fatigue which sleep wont really cure

if you could nudge your sleep a little later it might fit the day better but the more you worry about sleep the worse it will get

8 hours is plenty and more than many people ever get

try not to worry

and talk to your gp/mh team about the 'whole' picture


hope that helps - a little



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