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The Promise Of Spring


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Hello everyone, I thought I would start sharing some poetry again.  Can't promise it will be cheery words but I love expressing myself through word and art forms.  Here goes....

The Promise Of Spring (Feb 2017)

The dark footsteps that follow me today are cold -

And the bright rays of sun will not release me either.

The deathly grip of light holds fast -

As the growing darkness surrounds me.

Void of joy - there is no solace in the birdsong.

As I walk - is the grass not green?

Do the leaves not bud for Spring?


All I see are the withered branches of winter - 

The fallen trees of the gale.

There is a birch whose leaves cling to it's body;

Dead they have clung on all winter - 

They refuse to pass from this realm to the next.

How eerie the sound, reminding me that death is ever present.

As loud to me as a ringing bell;

All shiny and prompt - heralding in a new era.


But please spare me the joy of Spring -

I see the crocus leaves, the daffodil leaves.

They spring forth merrily from the ground - as if to torment me!

Such joy I will not feel

For today I find that hope is lost.

And the promise of hope a masquerade.

For surely it will bloom for only a sort while;

Before returning to wait again - in the slumber of the earth.


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