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Hello everyone
Sorry for my bad English

When I was in 9th grade sitting in a room. Suddenly I started asking question who am I? Why i am here?
Why do we exist?.I became panic them my mom hold me and I became relaxed. This continue for several weeks until I went to my mom's friend who was a psychologist but not licensed .I mean he don't have clinic but was working as a government servent . he just asked few question and took a session of about 45 minutes . then everything got well soon . because I forgot about those thought
Everything was going well but after 3 years .I mean 1 month back I started having those thoughts again and again .I went in depression . those thoughts gave me extreme anxiety that I suddenly started to cry.
1. Who am I?
2. Why I am on earth?
3. What's out point of existence?
4. Is it a dream?
Suddenly everything looked so strange .I feel like alien just landed on earth! Sometimes my family member look strange! Every object I see look strange!
It's so creepy 
I suddenly went into state where I am auto pilot. I don't understand what's going around me . 
I think I am going insane and fear that I have any mental illness.
I think time is flowing each moment is this life? 
Once I look into mirror and question came my I came in this body?(sounds crazy)
How would other people see world?
What would I do if I was he/she
I was having OCD but now it totally went
I am 17 year old and about to turn 18
Every answer will be appreciated
Waiting eagerly for response

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