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What do I have?

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Hello! I am a 30yo female. Lately I have been having some mental health issues, but I have also always been kinda sad. I always considered myself "the type", and accepted my all-present sadness as part of a package deal that comes with a passion for writing. I am now for the first time considering that I may have not been the type all along, but rather suffered from a mild depression pretty much all of my life.

I have been seeing a therapist and, while beneficial, progress is slow. I am also planning to see a psychiatrist to get perhaps a more palpable diagnosis and a name for it. In the meantime, I would really appreciate some feedback (I have been reading up on a number of disorders , and my symptoms seem to fall into many categories).

Chronic symptoms (or rather things I have felt over the yeas, but attributed to my personality):

- frequent periods of sadness

- oversensitivity

- deep sense of insecurity, lack of self-confidence

- feeling of emptiness and boredom (as if I have figured it all out, and life is meaningless, and now I am forced to finish it off)

- feelings of guilt and shame

- violent fantasies with myself as both object and subject

Recent symptoms:

- anxiety attacks

- panic

- insomnia

- constant headache

- irritability

- crying fits

I would appreciate any feedback; thanks!

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Hello, im sorry you are going through this. I have a few similarities at present myself.

I can't comment on what maybe you are suffering but if you ever want someone to listen,then dont hesitate to write back. Take care of yourself.Lee.

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