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Hi all I've just joined after years of reading the pages here. My question is... After 2years of schema work I've been told that it's time to end my weekly sessions and I'm left wondering what do I do now? 

My diagnosis is bpd. Depression, chronic anxiety, ptsd with complex trauma. And I take quatiapin 400mg flixotine 60mg pregabiln 600mg perday.

I've always worked untill my last section but since then due to medication and my wife and cpn ,doctor, psychiatric psychologist all telling me I can not work anymore!!! That was two years ago and now I'm left wondering what's left for me? I'm 36 married with a young son but I'm alone all the time I've no freinds and pretty much house bound due to anxiety. Nothing has really changed accept I now have an understanding of why I'm the way I am but that doesn't help you Live with this shit.


What else is there after the NHS has done all they can?  Is it just medication and loneliness untill I've had enough again or is there more help out there? 

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