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To cut a long story short, I have been going through a really bad time over the last 18 months. Suffering from narcissistic abuse from my mother, having to cut ties with her and my whole family, and my marriage almost breaking down. This chaotic period has caused me to have symptoms such as sexual acting out, depression and dissociation. Been seeing a counsellor for about 8 months, who started off as a marriage counsellor, but has been counselling me individually for a while. She thinks I may have BPD and has mentioned this lots of times, although she isn't qualified to diagnose. Don't want an 'official' diagnosis as I am a parent and I am worried my kids will be taken away from me or my family life will be scrutinised over my actions.

Called the Mind charity and they recommended getting a qualified opinion from a BPD Specialist on the BPD World. Org website. This doesn't go on my 'records' but they are qualified enough to be able to give me their direct opinion. 

I cannot seem to access this on the website though??? It says to pay £35, but no link to 'buy' or pay the fee???? Has anyone done this on this site? How can I request this??? Or can anyone recommend a company/ process to give me a qualified but unofficial diagnosis???




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