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Let us break all barriers and reach out
to shine a light in someone's dark cold night
its the light that shines the path that matters
just one flickering candle can bring forth daylight
When you need a hand to hold and guide you
a star to sail-by,or maybe just somebody to talk to
a candle or a light-house,they both shall suffice
as long as there is hope,we surely shall survive
A message in a bottle by the sea I found
"Help Us" it said ,"isn't there anybody?"
that message though vague ended my quest of happiness
I knew then,all of life's meaning & all its meant to be
To help others is surely the greatest Joy
& I do try my best each day,we all definitely try
But its not enough,it never is,until we join together
To combine our powers and our efforts & is why i speak to you
To bring joy to places where they might be none
to help dry the tears & share some love and care
let us return those smiles to their rightful owners
this box of lost & found,keeps getting bigger
The drink or drugs or thoughts of harm
are all the same and calls for help
you see to endure an illness is hard enough
but worse is the silence that perpetuates it
the smothering silence won't let them tell us
it is us,me and you,who will have to reach them
and all that an ailing soul needs is solace
a sense that there is someone to look after me
With proper care & treatment all can be healed,
so lets unite & act now to win this losing battle
Together we can,we surely will,and make a happier world
the time is now ,so lets get going

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