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BPD - What will happen at my NHS diagnosis? (UK)

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I am a male in my mid 20's and have suspected for the last year that I have BPD.


I've been having a rough time since breaking up with my ex last year and moving away from her a few months ago.

I've finally decided that enough is enough and I need answers. I'd asked for a diagnosis before but was told it might not be in my best interests.


Now I have an appointment booked for next month. 


Question one: I was wondering what the process is and what they will ask?


Is it a case of answering yes or no to whether you have specific symptoms? Or is it more in depth, perhaps done over mutliple sessions?

Also, my potential BPD has always affected me but it became particularly intense in my relationship because of the dreaded fear of abandonment. It was my first serious relationship and I behaved in ways I never thought I would. In front of strangers though I am very passive, polite - albeit sometimes very awkward depending who it is. I believe they might have a hard time believing me because I wil be calm and well mannered. If only they could see the mess I become when my adrenaline is rushing and my emotions are running high!

Question two: Does anyone know from their experience if this will be a problem?


Thanks in advance!

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