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I've been newly diagnosed with BPD. Before I had a diagnosis, the stigma from doctors and professionals was regarding general mental illness and how I don't look like someone who is mentally ill (how can you even tell anyway?). But now it seems to have taken new heights with doctors asking me "why do you think you have bpd?" and I have been called poisonous my GP and I have been generally feeling like the people who are supposed to be helping me - especially in crisis - just give me some sort of vague response like "I'm sorry that happened to you" or sending me off with leaflets about what BPD is. I've discovered that this is actually a massive trigger for me and I have lost faith in the professionals who are meant to be helping me.


Has anyone else experienced this type of thing? is there any particular way that you deal with it?


Even beyond that, it would actually be so nice to hear from people who have been there and understand how crap it is!

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