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Low self-esteem due to bad treatment


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I dated a guy who made out we were really serious, then all of a sudden he changed and made out it was just casual sex. I was really upset by this as I thought we were close and he was genuine.

I havent really dated since then as its ruined my confidence a bit. He said quite a few horrible things to me as well, I should have stuck up for myself but where I was in the situation and really liked him I just too the bad treatment.

We have mutual friends so I still hear about him and hes with a new girl, I dont now how he treats her but I feel very low about myself now.

Any advice? 

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I think it is quite normal to feel terrible after a connection like that. Of course it is your experience of what took place, but even so it is bound to leave anyone doubting. How are you doing with it all now?


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