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Is Zersetzung a Mental Illness

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I like others are sort of left out of the loop ( hung out to dry) when it comes to explaining just what in the world causes our strange synonyms of hearing voices, thought broadcast, having the feeling that we are marked out of the normal run of things as we attract a lot of unwanted attention via public swarming, rude or unhelpful people, staring at us in a vindictive way, this years later after I was repeatedly told I was delusional is actual in reality called Zersetzung, a type of clandestine white-glove treatment aimed at exclusion,gaslighting and stalking a loser nobody like me for the best part of a decade, seems totally unreal, you even realise this as it’s really happening to you, in real-time, you could film the flash mobbing at its height it’s like ( Reggie Yate’s goes to Russia, ) very overt and with participants expressing pride and malice clandestinely toward you. So would Zersetzung be a mental illness.

I know! But believe me, it does happen, that's why I am ill with a condition that the Doctor says is Schizophrenia although this best explains my experience of being unwell, I a few years ago attended a meeting for TI's in London ( the first one ever to be organised, I even had a part to play in helping it go-ahead being Tesh the guy I was assisting could not find a venue in central London, we had real TI who were unaware that the other one existed) Zersetzung is the actual term for whats battered around the internet as Gangstalking! Again it's like being subject to Snap-chat though on the pavement via rough shadowing and floating box. Think Instagram but in front of you!.

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