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hello my name is kayla i am alomst 34 years old, i live at home with my mum and dad being in there 60's i was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder with mixed states it feels overwhelming somtimes i feel i can mind read people and i feel like the neighbours think im a psycho but im not, they dont know my diagnosis, i have had intense anger about i guy i new for 10 years and we moved house and moved 4 hours away relationship got difficult, i have so much anger i used alcohol to deal with the emotions and feel as if i need attention by people when im not getting it i hope everyone else out there with this challenging and difficult diagnosis out there is staying stonr, i have intense meltdowns and i can be scocially naieve and make the wrong friends i have to give myself a week to build myself up again its like a eruption of a volcanoe emotions and thoughts and ruminating over and over also my mum noticed i have a different accent when i talk and i try mimic and copy a culture so i can find my identity take 375mg venlafaxaline and 50mg seroquel helps with anger and mirtazipene, i have a aroma diffuser on at night with relaxing oils and binaural beats i just do non sociable activities i got very angry at a guy in public and said things i shouldnt have said i was so angry, does anyone know what helps with reducing faulty thinking and anger just a bit stuck, 


kindrest regards 


kayla horvath

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