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Is there anybody out there?


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Hi all,

well I just joined this forum and I see that about 2 years ago there was loads of people on here chatting. What changed? Why did people suddenly stop visiting? I also wanted to find out how many people are happy to just chat. 

so if you read this add a reply no matter how short. It is good to talk.

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Hi and welcome Drir,

Yes, it was once hopping here, but there was a glitch in several software updates in a row, which made the site unstable and it took too long to fix, so peeps felt vulnerable rather than safe, communication became patchy for many and they just stopped coming. Lots tried to hang in or revive the old days, but it was too late and the site went quiet.

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Louisa Bowen


I found that when I revisited this website that it is like a ghost town. During this lockdown really need support and find it not as it was at all, what has happened to all of the people.  Where are they getting support now??  If you want to talk you are more than welcome to talk to me.


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Alot of older members have built better coping skills and strategies and have moved on to have more stable lives. Others have opted for snazzy versions of what this place has not been in sometime.

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