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Checking In! (How Do You Feel Today)


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kinda worried about what people will think of me. :(

I thought I just posted too but now I can't find it either! :(

Had a fab weekend, best in ages :D but now feel deflated and sad after email from friend! :(

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Kristen Hirsh describes how I feel better than I could:-

'The Teller'

"I'll leave in the morning

I don't wanna go"

I said to the teller

"If this is the future

I don't wanna know

I don't wanna know "

"Fives and tens" said the guy behind the bar

"Twenty-five says he don't

You cut a nice figure of a family

I don't know

I don't know

I have a fear of flying

I think I have a fear of him

I'm afraid of meaning

Nothing again

After all this is over

This is over after all

We cut a nice figure of a family

I don't know

I don't know

Can I be stupid for a minute?

I was looking at that half-empty glass

Waiting for the waiter

You don't have to listen to this

Tell me what to say"

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Feeling crap. Have a uni assignment due to submitt online tonight by midnight, have 2 hours. Haven't even looked at the assignment, read nothing, no idea what i'm doing, and not planning on starting now.

Wondering why i fuck everything up.

Feeling empty as usual, anxious as usual and the beast is clawing at my insides, as usual!

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Today I feel good, no wait, I feel awful, hmmm I don't really feel anything today, ooh I feel good again!, no wait I feel so bad I want to die, naaa I'm completely numb today...

This is how I feel every day, to varying degrees of happy, sad and apathetic. Consider yourselves updated. :D

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I feel incredibly tired. Slept most of yesterday away and I wish my mom and her boyfriend would stop asking me how I am. Maybe I'll be able to pull myself out of this hole if I just get left alone for a bit.

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awww sorry roxy :(

barebones ((((((((((big hugs to you and doggy)))))))))))))) im thinking of you both. :(

((((((((((((hugs to the whole forum)))))))))))))))

im im shittin it, i have a major decision to make and i dont think i can do it. :(

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