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may trigger, reference to SA stuff

Nobody’s daughter, nobody’s child

Tried all her life to make her restyled

Into somebody worth the love of a mother

But no such affection from a significant other

Nobody’s loved one, nobody’s concern

Try as she might and she’ll never learn

Trying to please to become whoever they want

Inside of her head, the others do taunt

Nobody’s sister, nobody’s love

Crying and praying to the devil above

Empty and hollow, filled with rage and despair

Empty, black eyes that right through you, stare

Everyone’s plaything, everyone’s whore

It doesn’t matter that inside and out she is sore

Only good for one thing and she knows what to do

Lie back and enjoy because soon you’ll be through

Nobody’s plaything, nobody’s whore

She’s past it and damaged, wanted no more

Nobody’s nothing, nobody at all

It doesn’t matter because the ending will call

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