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Lyrica- Anyone suffer rashes from this?


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I have been on Lyrica since late 2012, its deleted my memory and when going back to uni las year i started detoxing as i could not think of words, would leave baths running... go upstairs for somehing to forget what I'm looking for etc etc. I started dropping the dose in sept, and got an all over body rash in Nov, for the first time. I am now cursed with skin problems, hives, blisters, burning skin, red marks, its not scabies, ringworm, etc etc i've been to the gp several times. Its started in my scalp and eyes now and its horribly 'burny' and itchy'. Calamine lotion and loose cotton clothing is my friend.

Im just wondering, has anyone else on this popular drug experienced skin problems? Thanks. 

Best wishes for the season xx


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