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NHS Mental Healthcare - is it any good? TRIGGERS


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Sorry if this is a really negative thing to say but having had around 20 years or more experience of going to NHS doctors / units for advice and care in managing mental health issues I'm beginning to wonder if half of these people could be replaced by a website or a robot. They have been pretty much useless for me during times of acute crisis and I've lost all respect for them.

I think I have managed to be seen by an actual psychiatrist once in my life, who I waited the best part of a year to see. 

GPs (God bless them) and these case-workers who they make you go and see while they decide whats available - don't seem to have any practical help at all or any understanding about what treatments work and when. They aren't allowed to diagnose you, they aren't allowed to suggest anything they just go to and from between you and a panel of doctors of some sort.

And if i have to hear how i can call samaritans (a charity not an official line of medical help) one more time i'm going to explode.

It's shameful how little anyone knows about diagnosing and treating mental illnesses.. yet we have these token mental health units that basically wait for you to do something serious and then "save " you. In my case they just ignore me.. they say they'll call and they don't . They say your names on a list and to wait and then they lose your name. And sorry but even the person answering the phone sounds like a 6th former who's not had any training on how to talk down the phone at work.

NHS Mental Health care is a joke.. there really is no excuse in the 21st Century to not be able to design effective services for so many people. They need to sack the person in charge

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Just take these pills and see a counselor and everything will be okay...  Won't it???

I have called out for help several times over the years, no help except the above..  I have to search sites and forums to find some kind of help and support for myself.. Find someone who can tell me it's okay to feel like I do... I'm not alone etc... 

We are being let down big time, that's true.. As you say, wait for us to do something serious then 'save' us, more like write us off...

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