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Using your creativity to spread mental health awareness around London


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Hi all,

I am new and wanted to share an opportunity with you which you might find beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing, especially if you enjoy painting, drawing, photography, design and arty pursuits in general.

There is a competition that allows entrants to have their work displayed publicly in London. I'm using it as an opportunity to promote mental health and well-being issues on a public platform.

It's a really great feeling knowing my work is displayed publicly and that people may be reading my poems and getting something positive from them!  If you don’t write poems, it's okay because photography, design, illustration, paintings are all accepted in the competition too.

You can visit the site by Google searching “London Loop Competition” and it should appear in the top 5 search options and then you can register and enter up to 5 works in the competition for the chance to have them displayed. I'm hoping we can collectively raise the awareness of mental health issues in London for as long as the competition runs until the end of March.

I will be looking out for new entries and if I see any relating to mental health, I will be voting for them so they are in the running to be displayed on the public poster sites. Honestly, it doesn't take many votes for your work to get displayed- maybe 5-10 in a day is what I’ve noticed with my poems.


Here are my 2 poems in the writing category of the competition relating to mental health and wellbeing:



Sometimes I am enveloped by the dark,

And when I feel its quicksand pull,

I look to the night sky's treasure,

And my eyes find solace in the brightness of stars beyond measure.


Please vote for my poem. Understandably, as I cannot post the link here, if you would like to enter the competition yourself or vote for my poem, you can search for it under 'London Loop Competition' and it will show up in the top 5 on a Google search.



Under a starless sky

He folds into the ripples of darkness,

Looking for some place to unclench his teeth and his fists.

The roar of silence washes through his ear canal,

Evicting the voices in his head,

But the mill around in the blackness,

Groping for his earlobes to find their way back home.

Unable to see or hear himself,

He begins to relish this invisibility,

Relieved that for a few moments,

He is free from chaos

Under the wing of darkness

You can vote for this poem by going to the competition site, but I cannot post outside links on this site so. you can search for it under 'London Loop Competition' and it will show up in the top 5 on a Google search


Best of luck! Let’s get people thinking about mental health and wellbeing!

PoetryLover :)

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