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Symptoms but not a full-blown disorder?


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I'm a 15-year-old Egyptian girl, and I've experienced episodes/symptoms of mania and depression. However, my psychiatrist said they would have to follow a specific pattern for me to be diagnosed as bipolar, and my mood swings resemble more the ones that come with BPD. However, he also couldn't diagnose me with BPD because my mood swings had nothing to do with other people and I had fairly stable relationships. In the end, I was given mood stabilizers and antidepressants, and I know I should be happy with that, but part of me is still confused. 

If it isn't BPD or bipolar, what could be causing these mood swings? I have thought of the possibility of them being normal teenage mood swings, but I doubt it because the symptoms can be very severe (I have self-harmed and have been dealing with these mood issues for 2 years, and they are also not really caused by anything that's going on in my life) and if they really were normal teenage stuff I don't think my psychiatrist would have given me medication. I have always been a rather stable, rational person who was in control of her emotions, so this is really confusing to me. Is there a possible explanation to this? Is this even a mental illness or just something I'm supposed to "get over"? 

Thank you for your help =D

-- A confused person

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