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Do I have BPD?


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Hi,  I'm a 34 yo old male in the UK. I was diagnosed with depression and OCD years ago, and I think I may have traits of Aspergers (not diagnosed). 

I wondered if I have BPD as some of my recent experiences seem to match with it. I notice most BPD videos and info are related to women.

Due to my shy personality I have always found making new friends difficult. When I make new friends I think I'm a very clingy person and I feel this drives them away whilst making me more depressed.

Recently a new guy started at work and I helped train him. We get on really well and have a good laugh. However, I then started obsessing about yesterday when he worked at a different place from where he usually works near me, and was next to some other people. I start ruminating on his body language, conversations etc and feel anger, rejection and depression. Was he being distant, cold etc I realise this is irrational yet it makes me really depressed and scared of work as I wonder what will happen the next day, to the point of it taking up all my mind.

As I have OCD I have an obsessive nature anyway, but I wondered if this sounds like BPD to anyone? Have they had similar experiences?


Thanks for your help.



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