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Firstly I wish to start this message off by saying I am dissapointed by the responses i received in relation to the new support system. I went to great personal and financial expense to intergrate this system with all the new functions it brings to the community and i feel that the response was largely negative and unsupportive. I also believe the responses were premature and did not give the changes the time they needed.

This has certainly had an impact upon the way i feel about this community and has also impacted upon my motivation to continue to ensure the place thrives.

This being said, i have had some more time recently and therefore changed a number of things around here.

I have brought back the status updates for the forums. These can only be used by sponsors, also should anyone misuse the system (as it was misused before) they will no longer have access to this feature. Status updates will also show in posts. Your see this for yourself….

I have brought back the forum blogs, as always they will only be accessed by sponsors.

I have increased security so that trolls and spammers should be less frequent.

Pm's on the forum can again be used by sponsors.

The support system will remain and will continue to be developed in the future.

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