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I whant to create a presntation. Raising mental health. Awness


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Hi im shane im at a stage with my mentlal issues where i feel ready too talk about it and i would like to create and deliver a presentation amed at secondry scool student's  like in an asembly i have a couple. Of ideas. Floting about and i would like to conect people. With simeler ideas and point out where to go with it to make it a realaty. My key points so fair 

What is mental illness. 

My story 

Who can help 

Thanks in aadvance for. Your help no matter. How small i don't. Know where to begin 

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Hi Shane

Have you spoken to Mind or other mental health charities in your area? I find that these things go better when there is a co-ordinated effort. They are also the people that will help you raise mental health awareness in the most effective way and you are much more likely to be listened to when going under the banner of a name people may have heard of rather than being independent.


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