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Pls HELP me diagnose/recognise my Mom's mental condition

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I have a problem with my mom.

She was always a very intelligent, tactful and responsible person. During my childhood, teenage years and adulthood (along with my younger brother) I received a healthy dose of love, help and visible engagement in my everyday life. I consider myself a valuable human being capable of doing good for others and the environment. It goes without saying that my mom played her part well in process of my upbringing. It breaks my heart to watch her change and simultaneously lose everything that she worked for her whole life.      


At the moment, because of these behavioral changes, my mom is losing her job, friends and her rented apartment…
The first step to help her is DIAGNOSIS but after reading and educating myself in psychiatry a little, I come to the conclusion that this may be the most difficult if not impossible step since there are as many theories as there are people…

That’s why I decided to write this with the hope that somebody, somewhere experienced a similar ‘’Problem’’ and recognizes the symptoms.

Thank you in advance.




Current ailments and observations:


Memory problems, lack of focus, energy loss, behavioral changes, primitive lies, illogical thinking, lack of responsibility and consequences for (bad) decisions, repeating the same story many times, avoiding doctors, loneliness, some delusions (e.g. “this car is not safe to drive”, “the ceiling is going to fall down” etc.), random fears, bad diet (repetitive fast food habits), listening to the same music CDs (‘’on repeat’’), swaying from side to side, nervous tics on the face-mouth (dissatisfaction), lack of tact and good manners, deteriorating personal hygiene and neglecting household duties (saving up on water and dirty flat), "racing" from traffic light to light as if life depends on it(i.e. fast, reckless driving), excessive saving on basic things (water, food etc.).


Positive observations:


Lack of speech disturbance, lack of sleep disturbance (7-8h), generally in good mood, neat and well-kept appearance.


Possible factors and triggers:


Loss of 2 beloved dogs (2y ago), numerous conflicts with partner over last 20+ years leading to divorce and moving out from him (8 months ago), second son's departure from family’s home (7 years ago), father's death (13 years ago), grandmother's death (4 years ago).


Additional information:


The patient does not believe/is aware that there is something generally wrong with her. She is not aware, (rejects idea) of occurring psychological changes; admits to problems with memory only (the only category of sickness which she doesn’t avoid treatment and help).


Duration:                    about 1-2 years (according to colleagues from work)

Initiation:                   mild (according to family and friends)

Course:                       The symptoms seem to slowly aggravate

Severity:                     The patient does not seem to suffer but the ailments greatly harm social and occupational everyday functioning.




please write to : 


Thank You.

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