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Hi guys

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I guess I am here because I can no longer go on and want to die. I don't understand why I can't die with dignity instead of living every day in solitude and pain. I am on my own and have no family. If I died today there is not a single person who should grieve for me. I stopped going out about 10 years ago and apart from my groceries getting delivered I speak to no one. I have never been out with a girl. In fact I have never kissed a girl and I am still a virgin at 50.

My life is over and I am in turmoil.  I really don't see anyway I can fix me. I know of Samaritans but I have never uses them. I don't have a G.P and I don't get any help. I don't care when I get up or when I wash. So why should I live everyday like this? Music is my only love but I don't even listen to much now days.

I really just wanted to tell the internet my story. 

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