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BPD and Lockdown

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Louisa Bowen

Have BPD and would love to be in touch with other people with BPD. All the posts on this forum look old. I'm really not sure if it is still going as it should be really busy during lockdown.  If anyone is out there who wants a chat about navigating this lockdown with BPD then I would be thrilled.


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Bpd and lockdown are not the best combination. Good excuse to keep people at arms length but difficult reason to keep people close. 

Building blocks of stability are being depleted.



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Princess Peach

I had to stop my psychotherapy from February 2020 which feels like all the progress I’ve done is gone and now I am even in a worst shape. 

Finally I came across a GP who acknowledged my struggles and referred me to a psychiatrist. I just got diagnosed with EUPD few days ago and it makes so much sense. It’s like finally I understand why I am the way I am. Before GP just treated me for depression, but additionally I was facing and experiencing many more struggles. Above feeling severely depressed on and of since I was 8 years old until now 31 years of age I was very confused and couldn’t understand my mixed/changing feelings and my own personality. 

But now I know what I am facing which gives me some sort of hope.


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