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I don't like my current CPN


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I am in the support group and a welfare officer on a well known online benefits help site said that to qualify for the support group, if you are a self harmer, the doctor has to specify in his evidence letter what would happen if you were made to work or do work related activity.

I told my CPN this, and she refused to write me such a letter, saying that the letter with my BPD diagnosis on from last june should be enough.

This is just not true, the DWP have really tightened up.

With the NHS being how it is, and with my current CPN not budging on this matter, can anyone suggest what I could do.

I go to see my psychiatrist on Thursday, but that is only about starting me on a valium taper, controlled by the drug agency.

I am already tapering at my own rate, and starting to feel a bit poorly physically now, been anxious from withdrawal a long time, and the drug agency want to speed up my taper, which will be disasterous in terms of me being more poorly, what with rushed benzo tapers causing more health problems.

I think I am going to go back to bed for a few hours, I only got up about an hour ago, but I don't feel so good.





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I never ended up going back to bed, cos when I nap I wake with terrible anxiety. Worries just pop into my head so I am still here, awake, but with a touch of the delhi belly due to valium withdrawals.

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